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    OpenMAX and VAAPI are cross-platform. However,...

    OpenMAX and VAAPI are cross-platform.
    However, the underlying hardware can still be accessed via other platform specific APIs.

    ffmpeg should be able to utilize them for encoding, just like how...
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    VCE support is already there in OpenMAX while...

    VCE support is already there in OpenMAX while QuickSync is in VA-API.

    NVIDIA is actually slow to response with another vendor specific API.
  3. As long as it 's not Chrome/Chromium

    To be fair, I use both GNOME Web and Firefox. Both are decent browsers with open source and free web in mind.
    Still, Firefox is my main browser because it has a much wider feature sets.
    GNOME Web...
  4. R9 270X for Now

    If you really want a new AMD card with good open source driver, look no where than R9 270X.
    It holds the top 1 for Best performance per Watt in the past AMD benchmark.

    I had one and it works like...
  5. A side question, where to report issue spotted on...

    A side question, where to report issue spotted on r600g and radeonsi driver on Steam Games?
    The portal for AMD graphic are seems dedicated to catalyst driver.
  6. Gains what?

    Not reading much about this porting decision but I'm wondering what benefit it could have by going Qt.

    Better cross-platform support? Yes, Qt4/5 indeed has better support on Win and OS X. But how...
  7. RTFM

    Not very polite but this entire whole flame war can be avoided if the original reporter can read:

    Simply put: dnf doesn't understand protected...
  8. This line shows that your are using software...

    This line shows that your are using software rendering powered llvmpipe, rather than GPU.
    The HD8330 in your A4-5000 wasn't recognized somehow.

    Maybe you should try to upgrade your kernel and...
  9. Workaround for Catalyst with Wayland-enabled GNOME 3 in Fedora 20

    For the problem with GNOME 3 on Fedora 20, there's a workaround:

    Basically it's a bug in cogl.

    I switched back to RadeonSI driver when I...
  10. Agreed. I don't see any wrong by putting some...


    I don't see any wrong by putting some popular sites on New Tab page. They're easily removable and will be replaced by the actual user preferable ones after running a while.

    For people...
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    RadeonSI Performance

    Perhaps the most improved part of this kernel and mesa will be the performance of RadeonSI.

    It's workable with Mesa 9.2 but get a lot better in Mesa 10.1.

    Kernel 3.14 will hit Fedora 20...
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    I was contacted by the one of the authors of this...

    I was contacted by the one of the authors of this patent. His team recorded a series of video clips showing what they accomplished:

    The clips...
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    Reported to CodeWeavers Chinese employee

    Not sure what help this argument of political correctness can bring. But I just reported this patent with this story to one Chinese employee of CodeWeavers.
    As a member of Wine project community and...
  14. As a owner of Gigabyte R9 270X 2G, I'm glad it...

    As a owner of Gigabyte R9 270X 2G, I'm glad it performs well against its competitor within similar price, GeForce GTX760.
    Their results are very close in most of benchmarked games. Only R9 270X wins...
  15. Only sane comment so far

    This is by far the only sane comment.

    Many of the commenter doesn't even bother to understand what this GeoLocation API is before dumping their non-sense hates.

    And for anyone having problem...
  16. Please spend a few minutes to re-read the...

    Please spend a few minutes to re-read the article, not only the headline. Or maybe Mozilla blog which is linked.

    It's wrong to calling it Ads.
  17. Really? Calling this Ads?

    Personally I don't think these default tiles can be called Ads.

    Mozilla blog clearly indicates these are some pre-packaged sites on a New Tab. It's nothing like the dynamic ads you see on this...
  18. Future investment

    As an owner of A10-5800K with R9 270X, there's no immediate reason for me to jump on A10-7860K now. As it shown in these benchmarks, the improvement of Kaveri over Trinity on CPU side isn't that...
  19. Not that Bad

    I have a similar graphic as the author, MSI GAMING R9 270X. Things are not ideal on Fedora 20, but not that bad.

    I can run most of the games from my Humble and Steam Library with current Fedora 20...
  20. None exist so far

    To be clear, I'm just a user of AMD chips, not from AMD.

    AFAIK, there's no hardware decoding solution for H264 10Bit yet. As a user of R9 270X and A10-5800K, UVD3 cannot handle it.
    None of the...
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