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    I like the PTS codenames better =)
    It might have something to do with the fact that I am Norwegian and comes from Trondheim :p
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    Svartalf said: That's true.. but everybody...

    Svartalf said:

    That's true.. but everybody doesn't live in the US either, which in turn makes it pricey or unconvinient to buy the boxed version and get it shiped to europe. LGP should make some...
  3. Sticky: I wish I was a gamedeveloper or knew how to...

    I wish I was a gamedeveloper or knew how to program.

    When I first read the topic I thought of a racing game. But when someone mentioned a 3rd person game and lightsabers with combos and such, I...
  4. hmm

    Does your mainboard have a nforce chipset with SLI support?
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    Can I please have one?

    I would realy apprechiate a closed-beta key too =)
    Im very found of Linux games
  6. Hehe, aner ikke, suger i geografi ;)

    Hehe, aner ikke, suger i geografi ;)
  7. håhå

    Tettsteder ja... Hadde vært sååå utrolig rått om det hadde vært en som het Lundamo da altså.. da hadde jeg blitt blank i øynene xD

    Bare for å mate på med noen gode ord om Lundamo, så kan jeg jo...
  8. Kæm e det som e trønder her? [Norwegian Thread]

    Først kommer det en artikkel om Demystifying codenames: Trondheim
    så ser jeg screenshot på en Artikkel om Fedora at moderatoren har lagt til NRK... Fatter at det er noen Norsker her... Men nå kommer...
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