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    thanks for this.. I hadn't even considered that...

    thanks for this.. I hadn't even considered that option :)

    However, I originally ran the benchmark using an ID; so the data created is a merge of two systems... When I re-ran the...
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    Add failed test to existing run test


    I have run a few benchmarks; and for some reasons there's always at least one that fail to run in a batch (when running them individually it works)

    Is there a way to add a particular test...
  3. It's all wrong that article

    Except that most of that article is just plain wrong.

    FFmpeg 1.1 is a bug fix release of the release/1.0 branch.

    There's nothing new since ffmpeg 1.0 ; just bug fixes.

    Most of the changes...
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    Doesn't contain any interesting info

    Unfortunately, this test contains no information that are actually of interest for what VDPAU matters: HTPC users.

    All those figures are useless. They only show that all cards are fast enough to...
  5. This may have been true a few years ago, but...

    This may have been true a few years ago, but that's generally not true anymore..

    In fact the delay in releasing 0.25 was due to an issue with LiveTV. If it was that low a priority, do you think it...
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