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  1. general disappointment

    no uvd, powerplay still broken.

    I have just sold my ati/amd m780g based hp laptop, and at this point I am happier than when I owned one :).

    generally it would hang at the first sight of 3d...
  2. powerplay

    I hope they'll fix it soon... (another BIOS revision?)
  3. powerplay no powerplay

    ok, as far as i know the processor family for the puma platform is the same for current mobile athlon and turion processors (10h or 11h isn't it?). I mean the socket s1 ql, rm, zm lines. The...
  4. powerplay no powerplay

    It would be very surprising if they did not support that feature on the athlon, only on turion!
    And I must say it would be VERYUNFAIR OF THEM TO DO SO!
    I do not see any possible reason the chipset...
  5. Hi. The person in the forum I mentioned before...

    The person in the forum I mentioned before has got some different catalyst/fglrx version working on fedora 10 (not mentioned which though).
    His output is (on the same 6735s hardware):
  6. AMD Power Monitor Version 1.2.3 from amd...

    AMD Power Monitor Version 1.2.3 from amd processor support download page.
    It displays the frequency for the north bridge. I rarely see it vary between 317 and 500 in case of 3d apps, but it does...
  7. it should!

    as far as i know and as far as graphics core frequencies in vista confirm it (317mhz and 500mhz) it is available!
    Moreover a guy with the same hardware and catalyst control centre version 1.0 has...
  8. ok But some guy at this ...

    But some guy at this
    forum has managed to get it working.
    In vista, the graphics...
  9. rs780g powerplay catalyst 9.1 fedora 10 - problem

    I have a hp 6735s puma based rs780g laptop, running fedora 10 x64 with latest updates, catalyst 9.1 from rpmfusion
    The aticonfig --lsp returns information that my hardware does not support that...
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