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    Hey thanks for explaining that to me Serge! I never fully realized how that worked between Unstable and Testing before.
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    I'm confused?

    "55 open RC bugs affecting Sid and Jessie"
    Sid and Jessie are two different versions which should have different bug numbers?
    Also, the site I have been viewing bugs on says 102 until Jessie is...
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    Cant wait

    I can't wait for the official release I plan on doing a fresh install with a new larger SSD mostly for Steam! ;)
  4. WTF

    I started downloading this and realized I already read about his months ago. I guess I am a time traveling alien lizard or I am reading a fake internet???
    Anyone want the Nvidia Driver of the...
  5. Try this. and...

    Try this.
    and followed by this in the search bar.
    Good luck!
    Fuck communist censorship!
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    I hope they made it look just like chrome. Oh...

    I hope they made it look just like chrome. Oh wait...
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    Yes, yes they did but apparently they fucking...

    Yes, yes they did but apparently they fucking lied. Want to buy a copy of X3? Its slightly used and won't work because of DRM! I should of spent my money on a hard working whore. How hard is it...
  8. No help from me

    I haven't signed into my steam recently due to my Debian Testing Crashing and burning. :mad: The 790 Debian updates failed to install then I tried reinstalling it and now it wont even boot. Boo Hoo!
  9. Great

    This is great I was able to watch some nice videos on vimeo, without flash finally!!
    Way cool Mozilla!
  10. Thread: Canonical Watch

    by cliff

    Canonical ?

    People still use that? LOL
    I have been using Debian Stable for years and love it!!
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    I wonder why they are releasing it when there are still six critical bugs left?

    I think I will wait a while longer Debian Squeeze is...
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    OpenShot is a nice easy to use fully functional program. Its great to see them adding new features. I have used pitivi before but Openshot seams more polished.
  13. So what happens to my LGP DRM games?

    I purchased Sacred Gold and X3 from them years ago. Loved playing them but I suppose I won't be able to play them any more. I noticed Linux Game Tome "" is tits up...
  14. Thanks

    Sounds good, I will try it tomorrow. Tonight I'm playing some Rochard that I purchased from an earlier Humble Indie Bundle and forgot about until a few days ago.
  15. stay on target red two.

    So did any one notice any performance gain or major bugs? I have not decided to download and install it as my old driver "310.19" is working awesome.
    Enough with the tribal mentality of my team a...
  16. good!

    Bring it to Debian Stable PLEASE! I will sell my soul for your DRM games On Linux Debian Stable.
  17. Good News

    This is good news! I was just contemplating buying a Wii U but no stores around me actually have one on display that you can try out. I guess it must be no good? I will just wait for the...
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    New dowload

    Humble Indie Bundle updated the download file today. Both the Torrent and main page download. I was able to download and extract Shank 2 but now I can not move left or right with any of my game...
  19. I'm Surprised people are still Talking about Gnome at all!

    They Jumped the shark with 3. Re-inventing the wheel was to ignore their users and follow in Microsoft's footprints of Irrelevancy. I'm glad I switched to XFCE runs good doesn't randomly move icons...
  20. I Just Voted

    The count is 6149 votes now for Linux games!
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