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    That kind of attitude causes nothing but trouble

    That kind of attitude causes nothing but trouble. Expecting Linux users to simply accept whatever comes from upsteam is the attitude of Windows and I'm sorry to say the attitude of GNOME. This is why...
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    Feature deletion has been a big problem in Linux lately

    If WiMAX is commonly used in Tiawan and distros are not supporting it, that means rather than switching to Windoze Taiwanese hackers will have to fork an older version of NetworkManager. I would...
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    I've never HEARD of a user lawsuit for libdvdcs

    I've never even HEARD of such a lawsuit. An institutional or corporate user worried about an ex-employee going to Hollywood to complain need not install the package, I douibt it will be installed by...
  4. There are ways to pressure any retail outlet

    People have forced car dealers to take back lemons by parking the offending vehicles legally near the dealer with "lemon signs" on them. The dealer cannot legally force the signs to be removed, and...
  5. This is great news for Kdenlive

    I installed kdenlive 15.03 as soon as I was able to compile it, about a week after release. When the Sunab PPA in Ubuntu Vivid caught up, I switched to their build, It works great and looks fantastic...
  6. Cheap is relative

    As I recall the Fusion netbooks came out at $600, double the price of the one I have. For $1200 I could build an updated copy of my top line video editing system, install all 6TB of storage in brand...
  7. Bigger problem is finding a cheap AMD laptop

    The bigger issue is finding a cheap AMD laptop. When I got my netbook, only Intel even made CPU's for them, there were some Fusion chips later but those were in upscale machines to compete with...
  8. Intel is an NSA-friendly monopolist with blobs on the hardware

    As for Intel, their monopolist behavior and their connections to the military-industrial complex are all reasons to buy something else. I will never buy Intel new unless no other vendor makes a...
  9. Boycott locked hardware

    If Nvidia is locking cards and refusing to distribute the signed blobs, the counter is the same as for "boot guard" motherboards locked to Secure Boot: refuse to buy them and make sure your vendors...
  10. I won't run any browser that blocks self-signed certs and can't be overrridden

    Since I routinely use websites with self-signed certificates, if Firefox ever blocks these with no option to override I won't install that version.
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    Running machine attacks are often on unattended machines

    Two points: if you have small files of such a nature t that online exfiltration is an issue (think text files containing anything from addresses to credit card numbers), it is good practice to...
  12. ISP's must NEVER have keys

    ISP's have gotten so malicious that giving them SSL keys would be the worst possible idea. I don't want them running caching proxies anyway, I found that that can force terminating a connection and...
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    Full disk crypto works well for actual block devices

    I read that paper, it stated that XTS does a good job of encrypting actual block devices but should be used for nothing ELSE, for instance that a regularly modified encrypted container on Dropbox...
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    I sure am glad I don't play games on Windows servers

    I am damned glad nothing requires me to play games on Windows servers that use spyware to verify the state of people's computers. That would require a dedicated machine used for absolutely nothing...
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    We need default encryption in the wild ahead of any key escrow law

    The front page of the Washington Post today had cops and FBI whining about not being able to get into locked iPhones and proposing key escrow. The Post speculated that the Snowden case would make key...
  16. Luxury indeed

    Yeah-some of us who have to deal with securing computers against nation-state level attackers or even regional police agencies do not have the luxury of choosing a closed operating system written by...
  17. This is no surprise

    Of course they did, anything else would have required all new software, redoing any certifications, etc.

    Computers running machine tools, industrial equipment, or large military hardware are often...
  18. Gtk3 offers more theming options than Gtk2

    As of now Gtk3 offers a lot more theming flexability than Gtk2 does. It uses a drawing model where widgets are transparent over underlying widgets, and is supposed to also support transparency in a...
  19. Can this be done new from the OEM?

    Does anything block someone who just bought a Chromebook from running it using ONLY "guest account" logins, without ever having a Google Account?
  20. Can Chrome OS be used without a Google account?

    Chromebooks run Chrome OS based on Linux over a hacked Coreboot, and support reflashing with upstream Coreboot. My question is this: can you use Chrome OS as delivered by an OEM without ever having a...
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