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  1. Thread: R300???

    by billybore


    I have a dream... a day when I can use my mobility x300 haw it can be works, a day when compiz is usable (with Radeon Open-Source is usable, with fglrx 8.01 no), when I can see all my video without...
  2. Yes, but I specify to my dealer that I want to...

    Yes, but I specify to my dealer that I want to use it for Linux (isn't a game for me using lin, but a work), ok i paid for Win laptop but it isn't onest
  3. the [human] resources are scarce????? I...

    the [human] resources are scarce?????

    I have paid for this notebook and this card video ATI
  4. obviously is a joke (I must specify it because...

    obviously is a joke (I must specify it because you are Anglo-Saxon)
  5. and my games crash, and I can't see the...

    and my games crash, and I can't see the performance improvments, but sorry.... I see a performance improvment my 3D screensaver works fast, yeah!!! a screensaver work, I repeat a screensaver not a...
  6. buildpkg Fedora/F7

    from root:
    ./ati..... --buildpkg Fedora/F7

    then install all the rpms

    then correctly change the xorg.conf:

    Section "ServerLayout"
    Identifier "single head configuration"
    Screen 0...
  7. New CODE ??????!!!????

    New code, are they serious???

    I install 8.41 on my Thinkpad T43 with Mobility Radeon X300 that (I repeat) works very very very well on Windows system.

    Intalled on Fedora 7 correctly:

    name of...
  8. Replies

    I repeat my questions

    I repeat my questions about new 8.41 driver, anyone can ansewr me?

    1- News about Hypermemory? (very important for mobility)
    2- News about fan control?
    3- News about suspend/resume problem?...
  9. Replies



    i see reply to any question, but not for mine, Why?
  10. Replies

    Some informations

    Good Good news, very good, I hope!!

    I would tell to Michael some additional informations about the new driver:

    Anything about Hypermemory? I think it is important for my mobility card (I have...
  11. quote all

    firstly, sorry for my worst english, I'm italian and I have not many time to spent for write.
    I'm totally in accord with this post, ATI is too too too too slow, i repeat too slow.

    No AIGLX...
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