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  1. I think i should have been more specific,...

    I think i should have been more specific, was missing so choices are narrowed:

    /usr/lib/ libgl1-mesa-glx, xorg-driver-fglrx
  2. Thanks Bridgman, package search for intrepid...

    Thanks Bridgman,

    package search for intrepid gives:
    libgl1-mesa-dev, libgl1-mesa-swx11-dev, nvidia-glx-173-dev, nvidia-glx-177-dev, nvidia-glx-71-dev, nvidia-glx-96-dev
  3. ok, I should have checked...

    I should have checked to confirm my fears.
    So no alternative but fglrx for unknown time for my 780G..

  4. Any openGL support for r6xx_r7xx branch driver?

    I managed to install r6xx_r7xx branch and it worked for the first time without underscan for my hdmi-connected Philips TV. Fglrx was unbearable if it comes to resolution settings - it never...
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