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  1. E pour si muove

    Google do not use X11 or any GNU DE and with a Gentoo kernel is selling more Linux devices than all the other Linux/GNU together only with Chrome OS where you can install Crouton.and it seems no...
  2. Great Valve giving back PR

    I do Love Valve PR

    I just think how many other companies enjoy Linux kernel and / or GNU a lot more for their business (Google, Facebook, Amazon etc) and their PR stuff do not think in this kind...
  3. Michael, you must make a page like this

    Please create any benchmark test or benchmark tests average you think is/are more indicative of gaming performance under Steam Machines

  4. I qwould use the mac mini as base 100 or 1000 for benchmarking

    Every benchmark you use has its different base
    Years ago benchmarking had a base 100 or 1000 with IBM PC 8086
    Mac Mini is a great product for establishing a modern base in 100 or 1000 and changing...
  5. price /performance please
  6. Replies

    So it isonly that?

    What he wrote is stupid.

    Can you make any kind of document just after install MS WOS or OSX?: no,

    Don't you have to buy MS Office or install for free LibreOffice?

    Who is the idiot that...
  7. It is all about Steam Machines not GNU/Linux desktop

    I think Steam OS is all about Steam Machines and avoid any OS taxation.

    Steam Machines are listed from about 450 USD, with an i3 and a Nvidia GTX 750 Ti alike with 2 Gb or RAM it does out perform...
  8. What can give full LO at this speed at you pocket?

    First, ubuntu was right with MIR, if they would have to wait to Wayland they will be still waiting

    This ubuntu phone is a really computer in your pocket, that you can use as any desktop computer...
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    Open drivers for mobile

    It is very difficult to find any HARDWARE provider that would make a open source driver phone device.

    That is why Canonical decided to make MIR in order to use android blobs, and save the effort...
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    Why not give XFS a try?

    I use ext4, btrfs and xfs partitions.

    I am using xfs for the partitions with more Input/output and it has been more stable than ext4 or btrfs when heavy taks plus hot weather comes.

    My high I/O...
  11. What about QEMU GUIs?

    I used QEMU with QEMU launcher, and was as good as Virtual Box or even better, but with the time I found Virtual Box GUI far better and reliable.

    I have noticed QEMU GUIs for SOHO use, are not...
  12. Congratilations for the latest benchmarks and this improvement

    I liked a lot to read the latest benchmarks with most of the tests run at 1080p (1920x1080) more or less 2k

    I suppose we will see soon this 1080p (more or less 2k) vs 4k benchmarks until low...
  13. VT GPU passthrought tests in a near future

    It would be great to read in a near future, GPU passthrough tests vs bare metal
    With the same distro virtualized it will be able to measure the % of less performance
    And as it iwould be under 5%...
  14. Please 1080p benchmarks

    1080p is the most common resolution used this days, and 720p if the game is slow at your computer to make it able to be played

    I do not understand why you continue to benchmark ONLY in higher...
  15. How many users switched?

    I have used almost every distro, lately Antergos and Kaos, but since Manjaro was able to be installed at BIOS/GPT i am using it at my entire satisfaction. more than Antergos or Kaos that are great...
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    So... It was not gaming

    Some people wrote Linux desktop share is small because lack of games. With Steam it is not true anymore, and it have not changed.

    I've always wrote it is because not preinstalled devices, and...
  17. Requests are very welcome at their github

    Ask at their github what you want to add to the TODO they are still developing

    I asked for automatic default setup geoip default language, keyboard and timezone settings - being able to setup it ...
  18. Thanks, but I always miss a price/performance chart

    Lets say more or less the GTX 750 Ti is half as good as the 780 Ti and a third of good as the 980

    and actual prices are 160 USD 566 USD and unknown so 2 GTX 750 Ti in SLI that would cost near half...
  19. Benchmark is to compare vs the competence. Isn't it?

    Intel vs AMD please, as easy as that and priice / performance too

    And if it is intel vs AMD vs ARM vs (future) IBM PPC even better

    So, said that, as it is great on Linux ...

    How many pre...
  20. ARM vs X86 GNU/Linux benchmarks sometimes please

    Michael i would love to read the ARM vs Intel GNU/Linux benchmark battle

    As there are basically 4 models, Mediatek, Qualcomm, Nvidia and Samsung ones, the new 64bit multicore CPUs and their GPUs...
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