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  1. Beneficial for others?

    Will it be beneficial for example TI multicore cpu/dsp hybrids? I think they also have an HSA platform.
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    I have used it

    and for me it saved the day. Useful error messages, more java like. I used it last January. Possibly now it is better. I do not want to touch javascript.
    Disclaimer : This is a personal statement...
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    Vector pascal

    It would be interesting if he could incorporate the Vector Pascal extensions and optimizations.
  4. Dlang

    The best and probably last of its kind (among c/c++/pascal/basic and others). They provide mingw support. I usually use the official compiler and sometimes I toy with ldc. I hope gdc also makes...
  5. Any hope for GTK3 on Windows?

    A compile switch maybe? I am a FOSS and mingw fan.
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    Vote for SW fallback

    I vote for it with the requirement that a popup comes up that notifies you or even allows you to downgrade OpenGL. If you look at the BeagleBoard site, there was a project proposal to enable OpenGL...
  7. Loongson

    Where can loongson 3 be bought?
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    Native Xorg

    If they also make a native Xorg for Darwin they could help PureDarwin also.
  9. OpenCL

    I was expecting an opencl driver from mips in order to support Loongson 3B / 8core CPU
  10. The software vendors are getting it but hardware vendors are not

    5) Trust is a personal thing. I work at PathScale and clearly biased. Continue to track our open source progress and make the decision for yourself.[/QUOTE]

    Pathscale proves once more that...
  11. No fallacy but lack of standardization

    Standardize GFX like USB mass storage. One driver fits all.
  12. The main problem is the lack of standardization....

    The main problem is the lack of standardization. GFX cards should comply to a standard like USB mass storage. One driver to address all devices.
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