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  1. Everything is a tradeoff

    ownagefool, (I'm not going to quote for brevity's sake)

    (When I write "ZFS" below, I mean "any RAID solution." I'm not picking on ZFS.)

    My comments weren't geared toward someone with your...
  2. I see that you have some pretty strong feelings...

    I see that you have some pretty strong feelings about this. My point was I would't use RAID in the first place (and I've read reports of people's ZFS setups failing too).

    I shy away from RAID,...
  3. Errors are a fact of life.

    That's just it -- different situations call for different tools. I read about people using ZFS for home media servers and the only ting I can think of is "overkill." Personally, I don't care if one...
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    Linux Hardware Selection

    Michael, thanks for the reply.

    I checked out a couple of times before I posted my original comment. It has a bunch of data on the site but I have a hard time condensing it...
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    Leader Board

    I'd like to see a "Recommended Hardware" Leader Board where users could vote for the hardware that performs best and is most compatible with Linux.
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    Looking for 2d card recommendation

    My ATI X1650 Pro died last night and I'm looking for a PCI-e card in the sub $100 or so range that has excellent 2d performance under Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS.

    Really, just a chipset recommendation...
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