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  1. Proprietary formats will die on their own like flash has.

    They even had to open mp4 to keep it alive.

    As far as hardware goes I think we should only actively support companies that support us. Intel would be the example for graphics chips right now....
  2. What and where do you buy it. I probably would...

    What and where do you buy it. I probably would buy it. Really.

    I'm not hating on Wayland, I'm waiting on it.
  3. Illustrates my point.

    Where can I get the ROM, what distro packages it, does it actually run programs, can I still make a call?

    Ubuntu's is right here ready to go....
  4. My cup is half full.

    Canonical will have Mir as default in 14.04 LTS and that is great. I'm really hoping that I will be using Wayland on my desktop within the next year.

    Intel, Redhat, Samsung and Jolla all have...
  5. Mir isn't vaporware.

    It can be used now on some Nexus devices and it has multi-touch. It's winning already.
  6. here

    Now you can eat your words and my ass.

    P.S. Don't be rude.
  7. I don't think I'm wrong

    Canonical wants to start putting out devices this fall. Wayland's ETA is sometime'ish. "Doing it right" has no value if it never gets done. Canonical seems to want Mir to be compatible with Android...
  8. The good news

    Canonical has already surpassed Wayland in lines of code and revisions and they also won nVidia's support. This shows that Canonical wants modern graphics features ASAP. I want them too. Hopefully...
  9. The microcode was described as MIPS like in a...

    The microcode was described as MIPS like in a couple news stories but it's a VLIW processor. MIPS doesn't have them listed as a licencee either.
  10. @FiL

    The Parallella is an ARM processor with 16 or 64 FPU's and the TileX has it's own ISA and each core is a complete superscalar CPU.
  11. They should

    Intel's the only GPU manufacturer that's really their behind open source drivers.
  12. TI's about to make AMD/Intel's worst mistake

    Selling their ARM/MIPS businesses at the dawn of the smartphone. These sales would have included non-competition clauses to prevent them from ever entering the only growth market in personal...
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    This guy doesn't know what he's saying

    QT5 supports OpenGL/ES but does not make calls to X at all.X is going to be replaced remember?


    "Qt 5 enables highly sophisticated user experiences, offering applications...
  14. Why couldn't thay have named it MILFS?

    I'd been reformatting right now.:p
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    Is this hinting at something?

    Since the VIA Chrome documentation was just released.
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