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  1. ASUS still makes some AMD laptops

    I googled around, and I found a couple of ASUS models with APU + dGPU and 1920x1080 screens:

    Asus X550ZE
    Asus N551ZU

    Unfortunatelly I do not see them available to buy with the 1920x1080...
  2. AMD Laptops

    I was looking for decent AMD laptops with APU+dGPU as well. The highest-end one I was able to find is MSI GX60 or GX70. They seem to have decent screens as well, but they are not cheap.

    There used...
  3. Pgo & gcc?


    I was just wondering, are there any profiling guided optimizations planned for GCC? The idea has been out there for a long time, and GCC has been there for a long time.

    I'd be surprised...
  4. This is somewhat pointless

    Ok, let's assume they get pure python working.

    Now what about the countless CPython extensions written in C? Numpy? Others? Will they be compatible? How long will it take to make them compatible?...
  5. What about open-source OpenCL?

    As far as I know, open-source OpenCL already (somewhat) works, at least on Radeon cards.

    On Debian/sid, get packages:


    and you can run OpenCL apps on Mesa...
  6. Nice looking little machines, paper release

    These look nice, unfortunately you cannot buy them anywhere yet.

    Given the track record of this company, they should appear on the market sooner or later... But couldn't they have made the...
  7. WAPT: Bringing Apt-Get Package Management To Windows

    I've used it, looks quite promising.

    And they have quite a few apps in their repo.

  8. Civ5 engine SUCKS

    I feel that there is simply no excuse for Civ5 to consume that much CPU/GPU.

    I feel like these days it's a matter of pride and prestige to produce a game that only runs on latest greatest...
  9. Open-source drivers are GOOD

    I am just thinking to what the situation was ~5 years ago. We were happy to get 10-30% of the performance of fglrx with open-source drivers. Now it's closer to 60-80%. No proper video acceleration....
  10. Language performance tests would be nice to have.

    I would love to see performance of several different languages doing several different algorithms (integers, strings, floating point, IO, network?) on several different CPUs/Platforms (different...
  11. Programming language performance- Python is slow

    Stock Python interpreter is very slow. Jython is slow, PyPy is a bit better. I never tried .NET based IronPython as I'm on Linux. I've seen fist-hand Python performance is ~10x-30x slower than same...
  12. When do we get Coreboot AMD Laptops?

    I wish there were laptops on the market that had AMD APUs and maybe dGPUs, and that would run Coreboot...

    Hell, I wish there were more laptops with AMD APUs in general. There is a bunch of cheap...
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    Happy birthday!

    This brings back memories. Slack was the 1st Linux Distro I've used. I switched to Debian soon afterwards, but Slack was still first...
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    Freedom is Important and Needed.

    Ok, I didn't think I'll have to enter into this discussion.

    1. Stallman has been right time and time again. A lot of freedoms we used to take for granted have been striped away by the governments...
  15. Stupid work PC

    I mostly run Linux at home, on both home server and a laptop. I have to run Windows at work due to idiotic IT policies. I have a Debian Linux VM running on same Windows PC where I do most of...
  16. Debian still hasn't enabled VDPAU either

    I wonder if Ubuntu is really waiting for Debian? Bug here:

    I'm running Debian Sid packages built with patches in that bug report, and...
  17. Damn American NSA to hell!

    How can closed pieces of silicon be trusted to calculate crypto functions correctly without any degradation in security these days? It's not like you can open up the code for them and verify what's...
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    Debian Sid and Arch!

    Cool benchmarks. Can't wait to see them. I've used Debian Sid for last 10 years on my desktop, it would be very interesting to see some continuous metrics on that distro...
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    "Production" steambox :)

    It's kinda funny refering to a gaming box as a "production" machine :)
  20. Why the Spotify hate?

    I'd love to see Debian used in commercial enterprise data centers more. No matter if they contribute much back or not- it's still good:

    * They have a bunch of system admins who are or will become...
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