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  1. .

    why is the forum eating my posts?

    anyway, i thought this was a specific kde/kwin issue, now i see it affects compositing in general.

    on the kde side there's a bug filed and i see kwin...
  2. yes the issue is still there even forcing max...

    yes the issue is still there even forcing max performance on powermizer (although a lot less)
    by the way i'm on 310.19 now but the problem has been there with all 300 series blobs.

    I thought it...
  3. some issues with kwin 4.9.2 and nvidia drivers 310.14

    Hi, all
    this is my first post, although i've been a reader/lurker for years now :)
    i've also been using kubuntu for a long time now, even in the dark years of the early 4.x kde versions...
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