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  1. !cheap!

    sorry i missed this when it first came out, i was very busy. the comment you make entirely misses the value of the EOMA68 concept. many engineers looking to leverage these cheap boards as a way to...
  2. whooops, thaaaanks :) i did an upgrade of apache...

    whooops, thaaaanks :) i did an upgrade of apache a couple of days ago, didn't realise i had to edit every VHosted site on there replacing VirtualHost * with VirtualHost *:80. thanks for noticing :)

    this reverse-engineering has been successful in getting H.264 and MPEG decode up and running. that's a big achievement!

    all it needs now is...
  4. this is a lot to ask of low-power low-cost SoCs! ...

    this is a lot to ask of low-power low-cost SoCs! bottom line, there's no way it can be done - not in a single processor, that is. the closest possible candidate is one of marvell's high-end...
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    fbruno, hi, it's fantastic to see this effort,...

    fbruno, hi,

    it's fantastic to see this effort, and i wish you every success. i must warn you however that if you intend to use an attribution-based license, these are completely incompatible with...
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    neal from pengpod has one. same allwinner processor. look it up.

    mmm yeah we weren't asked to put GPS in this iteration, but there's no reason why it shouldn't be added, if someone can come...
  7. it's possible to try

    bridgman, thank you - that's very informative.

    i think... the most important thing here is that this platform is actually affordable, and thus would give a wider audience of free software...
  8. Gallium3D-LLVM, MicroBlaze and the Xilinx Zynq-7000 Dual-Core Cortex A9 FPGA Hybrid

    folks, i recently encountered the new Xilinx Zynq-7000 which is a hybrid Dual-Core 800mhz Cortex A9 with an on-board Series 7 FPGA, all in 28nm. whilst discussing this on for an...
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    mm :) it's a leeetle more complex than that :) in the case of the "upcoming" embedded GPUs, with their proprietary software, they are not only coping with a meteoric rise to fame from...
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    deanjo - i apologise for raising this with you. ...

    deanjo - i apologise for raising this with you. i will leave it to other people to continue conversing with you on this topic, should they so wish.
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    you mean, in the same way that they do not care if that toilet paper was made with a toxic manufacturing process that is killing the workers who made it, or if it was made from recycled paper where...
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    yes. in the same way that people in victorian...

    yes. in the same way that people in victorian times did not care if their meal was served by a life-long slave who was considered to be "property" not a person, or if it was served by a servant /...
  13. reverse-engineering of PowerVR SGX; creating a Free Software OpenGL library
  14. proposal for PowerVR SGX reverse-engineering
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    link appreciated

    so - would you be kind enough, droidhacker, to take the time to provide a link to discussions that you're hinting at that exist, instead of using the opportunity to "bash newbies"?

    that having...
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    lkcl replied to droidhacker's rewritten comments as follows:

    > hi lkcl, thank you for joining this forum recently,
    > and thank you for your contribution.

    no problem. thanks for the welcome....
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    please be polite

    droidhacker, can i please rewrite what you've said? let's assume that you've written this below, instead of what you did, ok?

    "hi lkcl, thank you for joining this forum recently, and thank you...
  18. broadcoooom

    broadcom. they are _such_ little toe-rags. you'd think they'd get it by now :)

    ok you twisted my arm, i have to actually download this and look at it instead of just saying "it's there, be...
  19. Broadcom BCM70012 and BCM70015 linux drivers

    BCM70012 and BCM70015 drivers, suitable for linux 2.6.11 and above, been available for some time.
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    9,420 ...

    drivers for 2.6.11 and above have been available from broadcom it seems for quite some time :)
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