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  1. btrfs is great

    I use it, I do occasional rollbacks(recover) with it and it is just A-OK for my needs. I run it on an SSD.

    Like any filesystem, there are some teething problems, but these do get resolved before...
  2. A Fedora Remix from Russian Fedora (Yandex)

    Full Fedora 20, with the extras, including codecs, chromium, and more

    It boots with the Fedora logos and all.

  3. Fedora 20 is an alpha version and filled with extra debug code

    In the areas where code is new, compared to Fedora 19 or Fedora 18, there is extra code to test for correctness of execution*. The path lengths in Fedora are 30% longer than when Fedora20 will be...
  4. Replies

    I started with F19 in May, when the alphas were...

    I started with F19 in May, when the alphas were released. Fedora 19 is a very solid distribution. I immediately liked the anaconda installer, and except for some minor quirks with some features, I...
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    Fedora 19 is a great linux, both for KDE and for Gnome.

    I started with F19 when it was promoted from F18 to F19 Alpha, as a way to learn much about the preparation for new Linux implementations. I was and am still using Fedora 18, for Gnome, and Fedora...
  6. BTFRS on Fedora18 not yet production quality.

    Started my system one day to have a message, disk full, cannot write to it. I was using btfrs as installed by Fedora 18 Anaconda.
    I tried cleaning up by visiting /tmp and removing a few files. (YUM...
  7. gksudo does not exist in Fedora 18

    Is gksudo a shell script that calls sudo?
  8. Found a circumvention

    I recently started to use sudo nautilus . to start the shell with root priviledges in the current directory. I sometimes remain in the shell in order to do change ownerships.
    Text was...
  9. Old Technology

    Netbooks are not obsolete. Dual core 64 bit atoms with very low battery power consumption, with keyboard, usb ports and the like, and with a $150ea cost are most certainly attractive for schools...
  10. Dual core netbooks have 512gig hard drives with 1 gig memory

    When you quote old technology, realize that while two of my three systems are 4 gigs or larger, I also have netbooks that were manufactured by Intel in 2011. That is not old equipement that is...
  11. Ventilate Fedora Anaconda by moving software selection to firstboot step

    Currently we have anaconda for Fedora 18 designed as a hub with spokes. One of the spokes is the software selection task.

    are a few reasons why it may be desireable to move it from...
  12. Tried it, like it, thank you

    I tried the dot, I like it, and will now not be following my old ways.

    It reminds me of setting up new path statements with a bash script, only needed to put the dot before the script name.

  13. You are right

    Whein I run sudo nautilus or sudo nemo, nemo or nautilus has root privileges, and I am in /root I do not want to do so because I do not want to be in /root.

    My only gui logon to root is to...
  14. Permissions

    Permissions does not change ownership or group (at least not with nautilus, or nemo)
  15. Hi Adam I understand that running as root in GUI...

    Hi Adam
    I understand that running as root in GUI starts processes that may pose a risk. The alternative of course is to log to virtual terminal and do rm -i or if it existed, mv -i

    But, in GUI,...
  16. I was imagination dead.

    I did not think to do sudo dolphin or sudo nautalis or sudo nema. Now that I know, I will not bother with logging to root, except in virtual console mode so that I may change ownerships of files...
  17. === Adam, been there, have done that, and then...

    Adam, been there, have done that, and then got KITA. Only someone who walked the go live route as you (or I) have will understand.
    I downloaded Fedora 32 for one system and F64 for two...
  18. When there is Fedora 18 bug that is severe, issue a Fedora18a

    Mint14 was issued with a bug that was serious. They immediately produced a Mint14a, to replace it (One or two weeks after initial release).

    Nothing wrong with Fedora doing the same.

    By the way,...
  19. Sometimes we forget

    Lock User
    is ok for single user systems such as laptops or, as you indicated, servers. There is no reason to keep logged in if you do not want to be. Probably a Gnome Tweak will restore the logout...
  20. Newbies and Fedora


    Hi Adam
    After 50 years in IT, I find the anaconda installer a reasonable design. Yes, there are many buglets and cosmetic changes to make to where everyone says it "Kicks Ass" (Canadian...
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