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  1. Why to comment?

    I IMHO do not see any reason to comment this Michael's info. Let developers do their best and let us wait for June news.
  2. Better the EXA must be proven

    On HD 5000 and 6000 Redwood series was better EXA. What is advantage of GLAMOR indeed? Will it be better choice for next X.Org and video-ati for Redwood as well as for Islands? I hope so. Keep...
  3. Degresivity

    Who was expected that memory timing in MHz is lineary tight with its speed went wrong way. Temperature risen with higher clocking has leaded to degresive speed. Higher frequency - subproportional...
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    IMHO smart decision with many benefits for all X users.
  5. Really?

    Almost all TV apps and many new games (Steam prods incl.) are used in full screen mode. I can't agree with your point there...
  6. Good news with E18! In some spare time I try the...

    Good news with E18! In some spare time I try the AUR version.
  7. X Wayland should be automatically loaded when...

    X Wayland should be automatically loaded when WMs, not DMs are chosen in GDM menu. I other choises option for X and Wayland shoud be prompted. GDM shoud be rewrited for framebuffer mode, which is...
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    Uncertain horizons

    Any progress achieved by extra or closed variant of GTK can show well where is Gnome directed on its development track. I see fog ahead and many questions for general linux developers ecosystem.
  9. The same question

    Phoronix test lab is a proper testing entity for reiser4 comparison with ext4 and btrfs. I strongly ask Phoronix testers to start with that immediately.
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    Same looking is not same

    For end users sitting on their chairs as a plum in pudding it sounds. For active people trying negotiate, patching, developing etc. definitely not. Same result invoke different activities... ->...
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    I see a clear propaganda and no professional arguments. Any other wayland priests or real developers' opinions? Where you go, phoronix auditorium...
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    Without DEs?

    1) I have noticed Wayland is not supporting simple WMs like *Box, PekWM, Windowmaker etc. Any fresh info?

    2) How can survive light distros like Crunchbang or Archbang with Wayland as an only...
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    First, many thanks to twriter, bridgeman and...

    First, many thanks to twriter, bridgeman and other guys from AMD Tux dept. Quick graphics become a serious parameter on linux as native linux games become reality. This is a crutial argument for AMD...
  14. Goal! Unfortunately, Phoronix use only Ubuntu...

    Goal! Unfortunately, Phoronix use only Ubuntu with all of its package dependences and not pure neccessary processes. Try use light distros like Archlinux, Debian or Gentoo and light WM/DE in...
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    Any voices from users to the real performance and functionality gains? Expectations are only sorts of wrap...
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