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  1. Some posts on performance

    Here are a few posts with performance data for reference (mostly on OS X):
  2. No firmware download to device required

    No firmware download to device is required for any of the Plugable USB Ethernet adapters to function. We haven't tested the Linux-libre kernel, but wouldn't expect any problems. If anyone has any...
  3. Replies

    RHEL 7 - Great Choice

    Distros going to composited 3D desktop libs and touch-centric design has driven away people who use Linux on refurb hardware, VMs, remotes/terminals, etc.

    These are the scenarios where Linux used...
  4. Pros and Cons

    Yes, your diagram is exactly it (if you also add a USB audio device alongside the video, keyboard, and mouse).

    Ethernet obviously would have some big advantages, but overall USB (being a...
  5. More background on USB multiseat

    For those interested in some of the plumbing, Lennart Poettering (Red Hat) just put up a great post with details of what they've done in Fedora 17:
  6. For now, USB 2 will give better results anyway

    We do think families will like this kind of solution (assuming the kids are happy in Linux or the browser). I've run (an older USB multiseat solution) my own house for months at a time, and it's...
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