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  1. quality ultrabook

    I really don't care about CPU speed that much these days. I would totally buy an AMD laptop if it could have the same screen and weight as my Samsung ATIV Book 9 Plus.

    Last I looked, most AMD...
  2. I saw this bug report for the first time on this...

    I saw this bug report for the first time on this thread, but I've been experiencing it for a while on two machines with radeonsi cards.

    Google Chrome seem to trigger it quite quickly on one...
  3. xorg still at 1.12

    I am greatly looking forward to the day that I can use my 7750 in accelerated mode, but I am not willing to recompile xorg to 1.12.

    Hopefully glamor will be ported to recent xorg someday, and will...
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    If android can mount btrfs drives over USB and also output audio over USB, then this would be my home media player. I like the Android Music Player interface better than most linux apps, and think...
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    I'll look in to the xrandr options. The kernel...

    I'll look in to the xrandr options.

    The kernel version is correct - 3.2.0-rc1 has been released and packaged in rawhide.

    The system was initially installed on an intel laptop, and then moved...
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    Llano KMS / Dual Screen mostly Just Works

    I just put together a new Llano system (A8-3850 on F1A75-I deluxe), and am very happy with how little configuration was needed to get it to run dual screen using only the motherboard outputs (ASUS...
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    Good Timing

    I have an A8-3850 and F1A75-I Deluxe arriving by UPS today. I hope this driver finds its way to Fedora, even if only rawhide, fairly soon.
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