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  1. Whatever ... ...

    Whatever ...
  2. Q, you lived for too long to close to a nuclear...

    Q, you lived for too long to close to a nuclear power plant :/

    I don't like the idea of nuclear power plants, I feel them dangerous, but with your behavior you discredit nuclear opposition (and...
  3. Smart, really ?

    Because, as smart as you are, you could not figure that if you use your dictionary/books to wedge furnitures or burn them in the oven, you can't use them to learn/correct your faults/grammar :D
  4. Easy, man

    Using books to wedge furnitures doesn't count :D
  5. I admire German logical spirit, yes, really :D ...

    I admire German logical spirit, yes, really :D

    - What is the common source of many problems plaguing Earth ?
    -- Human being
    - Ok, so let's take some action and solve the problem by...
  6. Choices ... again

    Holding a pencil ... or holding a dick ... another good sample of tough choices life put us in front of :D
  7. Priorities

    Nice !!!

    I bet German people will get quality wheelchairs, quality glasses, quality false teeth and quality hearing aids in the near/medium future when all German will get older and older :D
  8. The mother of all proofs

    I think we should all shut the fuck up and bow in front of Qaridari oooooom :D

    HE is the ultimate and living (but according to what he says, for how long ? Any bookmaker in the audience ? :D )...
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