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  1. Desktop responsiveness

    I'd like to see an article about BFS I/O scheduler and its prospecting integration, including its effects on distros adopting it like Openmandriva, that carries a set of patches like CK1, BFS (CPU by...
  2. Replies

    Beta key

    I`d really appreciate getting the Beta key so I can try it on my laptop powered by NVIDIA 8400GT GPU. I have 2 Gb of RAM and run latest opensuse factory.

  3. btrfs v0.19 is post-2.6.30

    ... so the benchmark probably didn't consider the latest v0.19 yet perhaps.
  4. Does this test used btrfs v0.19 from Jun 2009?

    First of all, thanks for the great articles! Phoronix is great! :)

    Btrfs developers were aware of lower performance from older benchmarks articles, as acknowledged here:...
  5. Download for RPM distributions

    You can download the binaries (I'm using opensuse 11.2 factory and opensuse 11.1) here:
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