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  1. canonical is the only "other" ecosystem

    that has evolved in the so called OSS world. Red hat created the first ecosystem and most other smaller groups and individuals followed them without questioning. Canonical, as a large group in its...
  2. you mean

    just kow-tow to everything redhat says, right ?
  3. they also have to deal with

    hecklers from redhat, gnome (usually redhat), Xorg/wayland in addition, which is quite a distraction.

    BTW, we will see when any distribution actually ships a fully wayland based system ( no,...
  4. mature ?

    you must be joking. Nobody is using wayland and it has been in development a lot longer and supposedly by the "larger community".

    Wayland will NEVER be mature, just as Xorg never has been....
  5. We ALREADY have a fragmented "display server"...

    We ALREADY have a fragmented "display server" platform, without Mir. Can you easily explain to anybody how the display stack works on linux ? And how many paths of direct and indirect rendering a...
  6. then why do they keep doing it ?

    the re-inventing, I mean. You picked mir but the OSS world is full of half-baked, replicated solutions and apps. Even the desktops- who needs so many ? I am sure the lame answer is choice, except...
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    nobody cares

    Even as a long time proponent of KDE, I have given up on this. Other than serve as an experiment for its core developers, it does NOTHING useful and retrogrades with each new release/version as the...
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    Must be a cruel joke

    Or they wouldn't be selling their cheapest line of h/w for > $1500. Normally inspirons start under $400. Lately, they must be under increasing pressure to bring in the chips for their overlord...
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    Doesn't really matter

    The open source graphics driver situation is extremely bad, even for the leading GPU/chipset family of radeon and nvidia. For the ARM chipsets, I don't think there's even an attempt yet.

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    Don't talk about freedom

    So, your version of freedom is your way or no way ?! Why shouldn't anybody have freedom to release code under any license they please ? And who is >forcing< you to use their code ?

    In my...
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