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    Working r600g games list

    It seems you missed the games from the Humble Indie Bundle:
    Lugaru HDAquariaGishThe Penumbra seriesWorld of Goo
    The first 4 are now open source Penumbra Overture, not the entire series.
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    Mono 2 10 Moonlight 4 Preview 1 Released

    Panned mono and stereo are not the same thing.

    I could write a page or two on the differences but the best way is to do an actual stereo recording and compare the two.
  3. Fujitsu D2533 rebadged Tyan Thunder S2915 E what the heck is PC2004

    You may want to try re-flashing your board with an older BIOS if you can find one. I dont know what would be causing that problem though. Maybe the flash was bad, but still good enough to work in...
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