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  1. No go, even worse the game throws asserts...

    No go,

    even worse the game throws asserts ASSERT (!LLGLSLShader::sNoFixedFunction || shader != NULL) so something buggy with GLSL program usage for some reason.
  2. Game broken

    Game is Second Life, primitives missing, GLSL failures, how to debug HSW DRI driver?
  3. Seems busted to me..

    Some games have missing objects (primitives), but i am using mesa-10.5 and 3.19-rcX
  4. drm-next-3.19 is pretty good for Bonaire chips

    Been running this for awhile on my new laptop. There's a few rough edges but nothing significant so far.
  5. We will be renaming DNF I hope...

    DNF == Did Not Finish

    We don't need Fedora with a horrible package manager name.

    Excuse me, but some of us have laptops and we can't just REMOVE THE GPU.... unless you want to pay to buy laptops for people.

    Sure there are also non-mobile versions but for mobile users this is...
  7. Isn't the GLSL work GPU vendor neutral?

    If so, then the work Intel is doing on GLSL (tons of patches I see) will benefit everyone at least?

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    Strawberry Shortcake

    With a development release name like that it sure is sweet :D
  9. This might fix even older AMD GPUs :D

    With a common DRM driver, GPU resets for us older R600 cards might be fixed if fglrx's kernel bits fold into the radeon DRM driver this is something I hope can happen. I can't just replace my laptop...
  10. VRAM Fragmentation might be one thing but...

    I suspect the CS parser also adds latency, how much I don't know, it has to do checks for validation of command submissions for security and all (does fglrx do this?).

    I would be curious to see...
  11. New Shader optimizer

    I should try that, you are right...

  12. Maybe test Second Life?

    If there's one game I've played off and on is SL and its performance is poor on my HD 3650. I don't buy these performance improvements in Gallium 3D for this specific GPU. I'd like to see more...
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    Defending Wayland Developers

    I think some people are just too impatient and want their ideas implemented. I want Wayland protocol to be done right, not rushed like some.

    I don't want another X protocol mess and it is VERY...
  14. It still matters

    It is very relevant, if Canonical makes it easy for them to just bring the binary blobs over *what* incentives are there to having open source drivers in future? Having a 'closed' (as in controlled...
  15. This will hurt the Open Source community

    "For the closed-source desktop drivers: We are in active conversations with GPU vendors to enable Mir on those drivers/GPUs, too. [Updated] More to this, we are working together with NVIDIA towards a...
  16. You don't get it. I DONT WANT Canonical to fsck...

    You don't get it. I DONT WANT Canonical to fsck up things for the *REST* of us!!!
  17. Listen Ubuntu folks

    I don't *want* a closed graphical UI. I say 'closed' because Ubuntu will GLADLY make sure the binary blobs are front and centre, they do NOT care about Open source drivers, not for their tablets,...
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    There's no logic to fglrx and cost saving

    Bridgman, you know, I'd think for AMD's sake they could save lots of money in getting to a point of dropping fglrx and providing the Open Source driver a plugin mechanism to load a DRM rights shared...
  19. but MBR Boot viruses aren't 'new'

    I remember the Stoned MBR boot virus, but it was easy to fix, as is many of them *if* you have a bootable CD/DVD, you can just clobber the MBR accordingly (tough, if the virus installed DLLs/DSOs,...
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    You don't need Digia for QNX considering...

    You don't need Digia for QNX considering BlackBerry 10 depends on Qt now which in effect is QNX.
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