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  1. Monitored values : less values stored than excepted


    I did a long series of tests with PTS 5.4.1 (quite 7 hours) last wednesday, the 14th

    I uploaded on Open Benchmark site :

  2. MONITOR_INTERVAL : store UTC time for each measurement ?


    I use Phoronix Test Suite v5.4.0m3 (Lipki) on a CentOs server

    Before launching a PTS benchmark, I declared MONITOR variables through export

    it was stored (checked below)
  3. Monitor_interval

    Hi Michael

    Great !

    I'll test it as soon as possible and will let you know the result

    Thanks a lot !

  4. MONITORed values : possible to force the time interval between two measurements ?

    Hello Everybody

    I saw some options related to the time of tests duration, but nothing around the interval of time between two registered values for the CPU activity for example

    To be clear : it...
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    Public repository for tests packages ?


    This question has surely be already posted - and answered - but after some dozen of posts (and search for "test repository" or something approached) , I didn't find :
  6. Hi No suggestion about "Unsupported Sensors"...


    No suggestion about "Unsupported Sensors" 'System Power Consumption' reported by phoronix-test-suite while "ipmitools sensor" displays the value of "Power Meter" parameter ?

    If some phoronix...
  7. no more errors on phoronix-test-suite, but power sensor still not detected

    Some news : finally I installed a CentOs 6.5 on the server - it's closest to our production servers configuration -

    I installed "ipmitool" (with "yum install ipmitool", so from CentOs official...
  8. Well, I'm going to check current "ILO" HP...

    Well, I'm going to check current "ILO" HP software - Integrated Lights-Out - implementation on this machine

    Never used before, but if installed, as soon I'll connect a network cable on its...
  9. command ipmisensors from freeipmi GNU tool


    I installed freeipmi ( ) on the DL360 G6 server

    ipmi-sensors command displays :
  10. Hello About the DL 360 G6 server, I think the...


    About the DL 360 G6 server, I think the linux ubuntu 14.04 didn't install necessary devices up to take in account the power management

    And PTS does what it can ...

    By the way, could...
  11. Hi In fact both tests have been done on two...


    In fact both tests have been done on two very different kind of machines

    the first (as included in the post) is a server

    the second, even if a notebook, was powered through a cable (I...
  12. Hi Well, no kind of wattmeter plugged during...


    Well, no kind of wattmeter plugged during the test - even if I plan to plug Yocto-Watt wattmeter in the future ... ;o)) -

    I did the same test on the notebook I use right now (an old Dell...
  13. stresscpu2 test : Undefined sys.power in system_monitor


    I launched Phoronix-test-suite 5.0.1, on a 14.04 Ubuntu Linux version
    the PHP version is 5.5.9 (with PCNTL included)
    variables MONITOR=all and...
  14. Yocto-Watt APIs


    I don't know if it could help you to answer, but this product is delivered with programming libraries in many languages (including PHP)...
  15. Test package size : Great !!!

    Hello Michael

    Very fast and accurate answer !

    The more I read about Phoronix tools, the more I'm astonished by the work done : very impressive ;o))

    Thanks !!

    PS : And sorry to haven't...
  16. phoronix working directories and tests size


    It's a very good idea to propose a choice for the location of some working directories (installed tests, results ..)

    Anyway, I have a question after have been confronted to a "not enough...
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    PTS Desktop Live soon


    For sure, a live linux CD with embedded "phoronix test" suite could to the trick : I just never built an ISO with bootable linux image containing in addition a specific software as PTS, but...
  18. wattmeter compatible with phoronix test suite

    Hi everybody

    I saw many tests with PST using a wattmeter like Watt's Up Pro, a 110 Volts AC equipment, which is easily recognized by PST

    In France, I search an equivalent solution, working...
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    PTS Desktop Live soon

    Hi everybody

    Firts post here, my apologize if I forgot some obvious rules (I put some details in my profile)

    I discovered PTS very recently, searching a tool to "automatisate" benchs up to...
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