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  1. AMD is the Good Guy and NVIDIA is the Bad Guy

    Throw your dollars at AMD. They have been awesome in terms of support of OpenGL and they have done a ton on the Open Source Drivers having documentation. NVIDIA has been a pain in the butt and has...
  2. Yes AMD is a Better OS Partner!

    You are right AMD has been doing allot for Linux the last few years. Another of my pet peeves!!! RPM is not a bad package management system! Yes 8 years ago there was an issue that was fixed. Heck i...
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    Just Saying New Desktop

    I was just saying that Red Hat could come up with a new DE i.e. I'm talking out of my butt. I just hate GTK look and feel and would like to see more use of Qt in Linux.
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    IBM would be a good fit. Heck Red Hat does a new desktop based on Qt.

    IBM has been doing a ton of work that could use Qt. I think that Qt might be the best framework for building applications in house and has really gotten allot of traction with Python and other...
  5. Desktop Environments Would Be Cool!

    I know this seems useless but it proved that their really isn't much different in speed.

    BUT I know my Son's Netbook can't play YouTube videos at above 320P UNLESS I use a Window Manager like...
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