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  1. Re Jade's post above... agreed :) Keep up the...

    Re Jade's post above... agreed :)

    Keep up the good work, I don't have time to follow this trial every day.

    Its good to be able to come to this thread and read what has been happening from...
  2. it really is ridiculous

    All the prosecution has is a bunch of circumstantial oddities, none of which prove a thing, and, none of which even combine well in order to form a sequence.

    If Hans did kill Nina, he'd almost...
  3. This whole thing is surreal... this nonsense can be called a murder trial?

    I've been following this pathetic excuse for a trial for a while now, and it just continues to amaze me.

    Now I've read some of this Jay Gaskill guy's blog on the matter. And this guy is a...
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