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  1. Why no K-less version. This would have been the...

    Why no K-less version. This would have been the best for workstations (Whom need VT-d).
  2. How is this "not bitching"?

    How is this "not bitching"?
  3. also I would be interested in frame latency, but...

    also I would be interested in frame latency, but this is good news anyway.
  4. nvidia and nouveau has a clear performance...

    nvidia and nouveau has a clear performance difference. Does it mean that it comes from the mesa implementation or there are some special tricks that nvidia does in the blob. Is it even feasible to...
  5. What does it mean?

    Can someone say what it means? Do we get a proper OpenGL 4.4 implementation with it, or is it just driver, and if it is do we get proper power management too?
  6. What about it? It wont work in VM?

    What about it? It wont work in VM?
  7. maybe passthrough helps the adoption!

    I want to buy one very fast GPU (capable of 1440p in VM, I mean with 5% kinda overhead) to passthrough it to KVM from gentoo. This way I will have gaming and not caring about drivers. I wonder if...
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    Support Support Support

    I think Catalyst is in so a bad condition that I just hope they fix the kde and flash bugs and forget about the gaming. I will never ever buy a notebook with ati graphics on board since I am just...
  9. Support Support Support

    I think the main reason why they don't send it is because you always show how much their driver (open or close) suck in Linux. They obviously don't show a proper support for Linux so why should they...
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    do not think so

    as far as I know, Not only they are not contributing to open source world, but also they are bringing a fragmentation to it too. These projects you are listing are just bunch of collection of...
  11. keep up the good work!

    So, why don't you say something relevant and worthy. If you have nothing to say why not fuck off!

    I believe phoronix has started not as that much expert in the field of benchmarking and reviewing...
  12. pointless

    Google has introduced it (Chromebook Pixel). Its utterly pointless with that pricetag and a processor that is just fast for something that is not required. They should have released something with...
  13. The Reason

    Can anyone explain the reason in some of the benchmarks (like apache) fedora is so slow? I wonder if there is a bug or ubuntu is using a special patch or something! In NAS benchmark seems ubuntu team...
  14. Thanks

    This is what it should have been from start. I used phoronix-test-suit to compare your benchmarks with mine (Core i3) to figure out the difference and I should say that ARM has come a long path. With...
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    stop buying!

    I have bought only thinkpad as my computer since forever. If I see this problem stays I will stop buying from them in an instance. This is something even redhat mentioned in their bootloader seminars...
  16. I don't know which one is sadder! Your racism, or...

    I don't know which one is sadder! Your racism, or your grammar!
  17. scheduler

    Maybe its because of recent changes in scheduler. All in all its a shame!
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