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  1. New hardware to cut power use may or may not be "Green"

    From an environmental perspective replacing hardware to cut power consumption looks like a no-brainer. Trouble is, it takes energy and minerals to make the new hardware. Example: the newest high-end...
  2. Maybe "bug" was slow response from my ISP

    I'm not on a landline, so I have to deal with very spotty and somewhat unreliable network access via a cellular hotspot. Not controlling the building I cannot set up a landline. Sounds like the code...
  3. These guys have some interesting hardware

    I've been poking around their website after testing the ad, an interesting site for a tech-head like me. Most of their systems are well out of my price range, but as a system builder myself I get...
  4. The unresponsive click bug is fixed

    As of 9:42PM EDT on the US East Coast, the eRacks ads are clickable without Javascript and can load the eRacks page directly without having to...
  5. That's the one

    Very nice job, and displayable on secured browsers to boot. Most of the time I get the ad for Phoronix Test Suite or nothing. There was one bug in the ad: with JavaScript off by default, clicking...
  6. They had a pretty banner ad last night in the green site header

    Featured a soft-focus closeup of the hotswap doors in one of their mass-storage racks. That's what I mean by magazine-style ads that amount to bonus content. It was artistic and reminded me of an...
  7. Right now I don't know of ANY non-Tor browser that is safe by default

    I have to tweak all kinds of "about:config" options to kill leakage of unintended information: prefetch, geo, keyword all turned off, search engine list shortened to just duckduckgo and maybe...
  8. You can blacklist the drivers for the "wrong" sound card

    I don't know if you can do this on your laptop without killing your video driver, but in many cases you can get around a "wrong soundcard" default by blacklisting the driver for it. I had that...
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    DDR 3 is touchy about both voltage and timings

    I've actually played with the same CPU (a Phenom II x4) in both a DDR2 and a DDR3 motherboard. The older 785 chipset would allow CPU give power management and a higher multiplier to be used together,...
  10. Hot northbridge can use a fan

    I had similar problems when using a 990FX for Crossfire experiments back in early 2012, I just put a small fan on the heatsink and the problem was fixed. Most AMD chipsets I have seen when used on...
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    Kdenlive 0.9.6 is current RELEASED verrsion, 0.9.7 is development

    I'm sure it was 0.9.6 or something earlier and released that was tested! Version 0.9.7 is a develoment release and the Kdenlive website states you need to use the older version for any actual work as...
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    HD Video benchmarks should be for local files

    I've never seen or use an internet connection capable of streaming 1080p video in realtime. Doubtless many others have not either. Perhaps this is a request not for Internet video playback...
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    Kdenlive development is back, current focus is Movit plugins on the GPU

    Kdenlive development is back, hot and heavy. I've got last Fall's version 0.9.7 (pre-glsl) pinned on my system for most work, and the Meltytech portable builds for playing with the new Movit-enabled,...
  14. Did the QR code contain anything from Google?

    Did the QR code or anything in the website that was photographed contain something from Google?

    In fact, I would not trust a networked device with a QR code at all for security reasons, they are...
  15. Automated kernel reporting must be opt-in

    Any form of automated bug reporting can be dangerous if not done on an opt-in basis. You might be on an IP address you can't admit to using or have your hardware tied to when such a bug is triggered...
  16. How did google know? They own your phone

    Are you using a smartphone with a Google-provided or a carrier-provided operating system? If so, that's
    how Google knows. Countermeasure is to only run an OS you control, and to block Google...
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    They CAN'T shut down Ubuntu, as it will run with or without support

    If Canonical as a whole simply shut down, all existing Ubuntu installs would continue to run just fine, there would just be no new support efforts from Canonical. Probably someone would keep the...
  18. I have never once sought "premium" high speed service

    Washington DC area. One connection is a cellular hotspot, as I do not control the house I live in and cannot set up utiliites. Maxes out at about 170kbytes/sec. I've seen 700 at libraries near...
  19. This still has real-world uses

    AMD gets hit with a technicality here: their 3d firmware is on disk, Nouveau generates it at runtime (don't know if this kernel will use it), and Intel writes it to ROM or flash on the CPU itself....
  20. Code from Facebook requires close examination

    A lot more to this than Occupus Rift. I am not familiar with that device, but I am intimately familar with Facebook's reputation, refuse to have an account with them and encourage others to follow...
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