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    Wouldn't 3.0 be the perfect opportunity to change the stupid and offensive name?

    I think so. However, as most people using gimp aren't professional, it's not likely to happen. Unfortunate, because a viable photoshop alternative would be useful.

    Oh well.

    Definition of GIMP
  2. Comments are all over the map - and that's the point.

    I pointed out the splash screen to refute the silly idea that the developers of gimp were unaware of the foolish connotation the name presents
    many people will not be offended by a juvenile or...
  3. How wrong you are.

    1) "i'm sure the developers didn't intend" - you're wrong. The current splash screen shows a dominatrix and the gimp mascot in a cage. And that's stupidly and unnecessarily offensive. Additionally,...
  4. If there's one project that ever deserved to be FORKED...

    The gimp needs to be forked. I've wondered for years, why a company with resources, doesn't adopt the gimp and re-spin it into something that can really compete with the other major graphic program....
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    I agree. Don't use it. FOSS is all about options....

    I agree. Don't use it. FOSS is all about options. And also, keep pointing out the faults and shortcomings. And, feel free to vent your frustrations about obvious or non-obvious problems with...
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    Agreed. Here's an experiment to try, that will...

    Agreed. Here's an experiment to try, that will illustrate your point.

    Take a screenshot of the shell Application Menu overlay. That's it. Just open the Application menu, and press PrtSc (or...
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    The worst thing I've encountered in gnome-shell...

    The worst thing I've encountered in gnome-shell is the horrible "flat application menu." The lack of categorical organization, and the severely truncated application names, means you're literally...
  8. Numbers vs. numbing

    I find it both hilarious and sad that you would rather read a bunch of completely subjective, essentially meaningless, adjectives. Well, here you go:

    "Ubuntu was snappy, and light. It was much...
  9. What's the replacement for network-manager...

    What's the replacement for network-manager called? I still have both n-m and nm-applet running.
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    Hardy Heron and Catalyst 8.01

    I have not been able to run compiz with 8.01 on hardy heron. I am running fglrx, however when I try to start compiz I get:

    Checking for Xgl: not present.
    Detected PCI ID for VGA: 01:05.0 0300:...
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