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  1. Don't forget Windows users.

    Why GTK3 on Linux? We want the option under windows too (easy cross-compile????).
  2. User space drivers

    I think that there is a usermode driver interface. Moreover, print drivers are supposed to run in user space under windows.
  3. Woah

    It almost got me drowning with my coffee. Congratulations.
  4. Why not createa BSDkit?

    Where all BSDs could contribute. DDEKit has enough there.

    IOKit is an answer also.
  5. It is industry required

    What is of even more importance to me would be a qcc release. Probably also in 2020.
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    Windows still stuck on 3.2.3

    It does not cleanly compile with mingw. And no gtk#3 on windows.
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    Big news for me.

    I am a regular Golang user. I also aim for cross-platform tool development with Golang. I hope it is supported also on win64 which is my main work system.
  8. MSYS2

    Will there be packages on msys2 or cygwinports for mingw (x86 or x64)?
  9. msys2

    any chance?
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    Its a pitty that they do not have these specs under their umbrella. Moreover, it would be awesome if they could release a HW level API for GFX.
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    Wishful thinking

    I wish pellesc and openwatcom-v2 also participated in this talk.
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    Mingw release

    I wish it was released a win64 duo (legacy and llvmpipe).
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    Hope to see one soon on my PCI bus

    If the price is right I want one.
  14. I have not problem with C++11 but it will take a...

    I have not problem with C++11 but it will take a lot of time to create an IDE. I think there are many IDEs out there that support C++11. AFAIK C++11 compliant compilers are limited to two, clang/gcc....
  15. They take it unnecessarily far

    Vala is perfect fit for GNOME. Period. They should make it a cross-platform Vala IDE. I see abandoned gnome/gtk projects and the problem is IMHO C. It is too much to expect from a hobby developer....
  16. Beneficial for others?

    Will it be beneficial for example TI multicore cpu/dsp hybrids? I think they also have an HSA platform.
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    I have used it

    and for me it saved the day. Useful error messages, more java like. I used it last January. Possibly now it is better. I do not want to touch javascript.
    Disclaimer : This is a personal statement...
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    Vector pascal

    It would be interesting if he could incorporate the Vector Pascal extensions and optimizations.
  19. Dlang

    The best and probably last of its kind (among c/c++/pascal/basic and others). They provide mingw support. I usually use the official compiler and sometimes I toy with ldc. I hope gdc also makes...
  20. Any hope for GTK3 on Windows?

    A compile switch maybe? I am a FOSS and mingw fan.
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