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  1. it works with trusty?

    it works with trusty?
  2. hm

    i hope they put x 1.16 out... if you have amd use the open driver.

    ubuntu really miss something, some official ppa with stable mesa drivers, with 14.04 i have 10.1 or 10.1.3 (to old), rom intel...
  3. hm

    i have one of these in the box for backup only, is quite old
  4. never try

    never try Enlig

    i wil get a chance this weekend, i need a change;)
  5. ???

    if you spend 1000$ for a cpu you will not care about yout electric bill lol, this type of cpu is made for benchmarks and enthusiastics,

    i have a amd 8 core and a amd 4 core i have a 4770k and...
  6. most likely not

    most likely not, install fglrx and put it working is a pain in ass (alone)... i really like to see amd do like intel, put all work in open driver
  7. hm

    even with patch and can't put it working with kernel 3.16, but it works with 3.14 and 3.15
  8. you are kidding?

    this cpu destroy the best amd no doubt, but i never buy a 1000 euros cpu
  9. i like it

    i like this reports, other i enter in some website who says what os i'm using (i use ubuntu and manjaro) for my surprise it says i'm running windows 8.1 :D even the last M$ ceo says linux usage is...
  10. no

    he need to use opendrivers in linux, he's in favor of opensource but uses windows to play games lol :rolleyes: some ppl my god, ""i'm only use opensource with my linux, fuck you nvidia, etc..." but...
  11. amd need

    amd need to improve the single core performance a lot and not put more and more cores in their cpu, why is the point of a 16 core cpu if apps use no more than 6/8?:confused:
  12. mac osx

    mac osx is the worst in comput benchs is well known
  13. hm

    because mesa 10.1 is not ready for bay trail, only mesa 10.2 and newer, in ubuntu for good performance with this gpu you need to use the intel drivers from their website or some ppa with dev
  14. hm

    haswell support is ready, noting to do with kernel driver... at least look like is ready and stable...
  15. its only for kernel 3.18

    only kernel 3.18 will support this for your card you will to wait more than 2 months to have some "rc" version to use
  16. some

    some with older kernel use 3.10 i think
  17. this feature rocks

    this feature rocks, using a good desktop in my office and a simply laptop with a tv ;)
  18. =)

    with some lucky at the end of year we have opengl 4.2 and next year 4.5 ready
  19. i'm not a fanboy

    no fanboy here, i use what i think is better for me. i have amd cards i buy a lot of them because the price untill i buy a nvidia. r600 is good no doubt but the new apu are all RSI, for exemple i...
  20. wait one week

    wait one week after stable launch of gnome 3.14
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