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  1. [BUG] System Info for nas4free (FreeBSD derivative) is incorrect

    I have installed nas4free directly on the bare metal of my HP MicroServer Proliant (AMD Turion II Neo N40L, dual core, 1.5GHz), here is what pts reports for system information:

  2. Registration problem

    I too have a registration problem.
    I went on the registration page, enter the data, and I got an email to activate my account. I click on it and try to login, however it tells that the password is...
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    Further tests

    I support the idea express in a previous post concerning power consumption during the tests. It would be also interesting to see how optimised the Linux stack is for each processor. Also, a sort of...
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    How to benchmark an external hard drive?


    I'm trying to see the speed difference between the old firewire stack (ieee1394) and the new one (firewire-*) in kernel 2.6.30.
    So I installed pts 2.4 beta2 on my system and plugged my...
  5. And what about power consumption?

    It would be interested also to have for each of those tests the power consumption measured so that we could have a kind of unit speed/Watt. This would be useful for laptop owners.
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