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  1. Sweet. Thanks. The enclosure I have hooked up to...

    Sweet. Thanks.
    The enclosure I have hooked up to my OdroidXU supports UASP but the OdroidXU kernel version has been stuck at 3.4 since release, so no UASP has been a dream. Now hopefully since the...
  2. Host support?

    Do you know if the host has to specifically support UASP?
  3. Same problem here.

    I've been having random reboots myself, or actually random poweroffs. I have the same kinda laptop you tested a few months back, the gallago ultrapro, but the sager version. It runs arch with gnome...
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    Does anyone know if the ultrapro supports VT-D?

    I guess the CPU and chipset both support it, but the bios doesn't have the option I guess (I don't own this laptop yet). I opened the latest CLEVO...
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