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    Because of awesome tools like Meld (it is not the only one) many of my co-workers eventually installed Linux and continued using it.
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    How do you boot to radeon garaphics drivers?

    I installed ubuntu 13.10 daily, just to test radeon drivers. I have a dual graphics hardware (Intel/AMD). If someone has AMD cards on new intel hardware, they all have this setup. I installed...
  3. May be he (could be she), is talking about...

    May be he (could be she), is talking about
  4. Definitely Ubuntu

    I am an Ubuntu/Mint user (my reasons could be subjective).

    I have installed their daily builds, and I can easily use them as my daily operating system too (this was not the case in past). I know...
  5. AP-Mode Hotspot

    Does this mean, I will be actually able to broadcast internet using wifi (like hostapd)? My only problem with current solution is, I keep losing the connection. It is almost unusable.
  6. that was odd for me to believe too

    I had good result with vsync turned off on kde. I have not tested games on 2d desktop environments
  7. Here is the result of test I did some time back


    Results of fgl_glxgears (5 sec)

    Gnome Classic (without effect): 4540.2
    Ubuntu Unity: 3935
    Gnome Classic (with effect): 3881.6
    KDE Plasma Workspace: 3776.8
    Gnome: 3693.2
  8. It was little exciting for me

    My laptops battery has increased. It shows more than 4 hours in integrated card. Still the fgl_glxgears fps has not changed from 700-800 and I am still unable to run any wine game that involves...
  9. Graphics card support for dual cards (specially ati)

    Linux lacks graphics support as in windows. Open source drive still fails to load a lot of applications that requires GPU. On the other hand catalyst driver with a tough installation process fails to...
  10. What about ati graphics cards on sandy bridge processors?

    In windows 7 you can choose what apps to run in high performance mode from catalyst, thus you have capability of both. In Linux I expect them to at least make that possible rather than throwing...
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    I have been constantly typing such commands, with...

    I have been constantly typing such commands, with every release of catalyst driver ever since 11.04 hoping to get working and when it breaks.

    $ sudo dpkg -i fglrx*.deb
    $ sudo aticonfig --initial...
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    Does it install and work on sandy bridge...

    Does it install and work on sandy bridge processors? Sandy bridge processors have its own graphics card, with ATI it is dual. It installed on Ubuntu 11.04 but had no 3D support. So I had to go...
  13. I am happy

    I had been struggling to have good graphics in Linux. Now with 3.0 kernel it has improved greatly(I can finally play supertuxkart, alienarena) on 11.04. I installed 11.10 beta (buggy) and quickly...
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