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  1. Why not Plasma?

    If they want something with good accessibility, that also scales to different levels of graphics hardware, why didn't they just go with the latest KDE Plasma 4 desktop?
    I always used Debian with KDE...
  2. Woa

    Let's focus on the issue, and not on gamer hate (what the hell?).

    If our graphics drivers better supported Linux, we'd all be using to Wayland very shortly.
    We could get rid of our old cruft that...
  3. DVDs

    It's the same as the DVD stuff.
  4. Seriously?

    Dude... Blu-ray menus are written in Java. No duh you need java to have menu support.
    And the bluray library only works with the libaac and key if you want to play commerial blurays.

    THANK YOU...
  5. Small Correction

    It's the KDE SC 4.4 RC1

    Not just KDE, you can't have 4.4 RC1 of a community.


    Just reminding you of the (much appreciated and less confusing) branding change.
  6. Replies

    Good Thing

    I think this is great. Now I can give new ubuntu users a choice to be questionably legal or fully legal.

    We need a good ecosystem of commercial applications on Linux. The desktop and drivers...
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