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  1. good news

    I have an old ION HTPC that I need to replace and I had a spare 785G board with on board rs780 that I thought might do the job. It's close. It mostly works with VDPAU. Mostly. But my old lady and I...
  2. SMACX

    Finally a followup to the ol' Loki SMACX?
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    Subject to debate, I suppose. In US law, both...

    Subject to debate, I suppose. In US law, both copyright and patents are justified by the constitution as promoting the progress of the useful arts and sciences. Whether or not they have different...
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    sharing is merely a strategy

    Hi Dee,

    Ever heard the phrase, "100 channels and nothing good on?" ;-) That is the type of scarcity, existing at any tech level (whether we're talking in 1710 or 2013) that copyright is intended...
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    That'll never happen. If they were ever to...

    That'll never happen. If they were ever to standardize the implementation, then it wouldn't be DRM anymore.
  6. If you're not allowed to play BluRay, then don't...

    If you're not allowed to play BluRay, then don't buy BluRay. If BluRay is the only thing being sold, then don't choose things-that-are-sold.

    Personally, my own solution to their "we don't want...
  7. Wow!

    Wow! Personally, I am very impressed at how close Nouveau has gotten on this particular hardware. I happen to have an ION machine, and use it every day. But I think you're leaving something...
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    Do the drivers work for being an Access Point?

    A couple years ago I struggled with two different wifi cards, wanting to use either one to make a computer (running Ubuntu 10.04) be an access point. The drivers worked fine in the sense of being...
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    A $99 service is going to audit the whole kernel?...

    A $99 service is going to audit the whole kernel? My bet is that whoever is taking that $99 probably doesn't even know what Linux is, much less has the time or inclination to think about what...
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    What are Red Hat's customers asking them for?

    Garrett's been saying stuff like this for months, and every time he does, I keep wondering what he's smoking. But maybe it all depends on what the goal is.

    Isn't the goal to de-brick EFI...
  11. Hard to benchmark well

    This is the kind of thing where looking at throughput numbers can easily deceive someone. If you're running a multimedia system (e.g. mythtv) then throughput it the least of your concerns, and the...
  12. What's happening with the VP8 libvpx benchmark on AMD?

    There's a bunch of compute-bound-in-userspace ones (compiling, C-Ray, ffmpeg, x264) where the kernel doesn't matter at all, and that's unsurprising. But starting off that group of tests, there's the...
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    Yeah, I can't think of many cases where you're...

    Yeah, I can't think of many cases where you're inserting a lot of keys into filesystems. Maybe extremely busy maildir servers? (I don't know.. even then, it sounds like this needs a much bigger job...
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    Another weird LVM speedup

    I stumbled upon another weird case where someone saw LVM be faster than directly using partitions. Turned out the LVM overhead (or maybe just the tester's whims) made a 1TB disk become slightly less...
  15. You can't take advantage of userspace drivers, or...

    You can't take advantage of userspace drivers, or else Tanenbaum wins!
  16. Nice coinage!

    "Shit-wreck" shall enter my vocabulary.
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    underclock 2500K?

    i wonder if you can underclock the K series and get the same results. ;-)
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    apples and oranges

    It looks like at the very end of the article, you realize that you comparison-benchmarked it against the wrong thing. How about against other $130 CPUs? AnonymousCoward's "If you want real budget...
  19. *gasp* I'm in love! I thought multi-drive...

    *gasp* I'm in love!

    I thought multi-drive enclosures died around the time we stopped using SCSI. So glad to know I'm wrong.
  20. "Super-crappy" isn't what I really mean. I meant...

    "Super-crappy" isn't what I really mean. I meant low-power and unimpressive (except in terms of efficiency) CPU. Bobcat/Atom/VIA, ARM, etc. Seems like all the motherboards made for this stuff, is...
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