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  1. Myths and Justifications

    Like the Hummer owner who claims his vehicle cannot possibly contribute to global warming, Farrell justifies his shortcomings with a tired falsehood. Many of us have been using Linux on the desktop...
  2. Now, now

    Give yourself some credit; you're doing as fine a job of whining as any Debian dev ever could.
  3. Hmmm ...

    Maybe now Linus will give them the pinkie, (that's for when you don't care enough to send the very best).
  4. Who's the Lemon Here?

    C'mon now, lemons are hardware. It would seem that hardware that won't accommodate the world's most popular OS kernel is the sour piece of fruit, here.
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    I really wasn't trying to be unfair; just...

    I really wasn't trying to be unfair; just observing a phenomenon which is endemic to society. Conservation is almost always an after-thought, if that. I think the problem may be worse in tech, where...
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    Interesting ...

    ... I'm not sure what it says about the process that the developer's first instinct was to throw money, (in the form of new hardware), at the problem.
  7. Mixed messages

    While the report lists some valuable software, even the Linux kernel itself, as using assembly, it then concludes that "that most of the Assembly code has little value"? Sounds like someone is...
  8. It must be said

    Clearly, this is a graphic display of frustration over a graphics display.
  9. Quality is job one

    It really is immaterial whether Kubuntu continues in the Canonical fold as far as the user is concerned. It is the superior quality of the UI that must be maintained, along with the extensive...
  10. Clearly ...

    ... this is the tablet for all seasons.
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    Ubuntu ...

    ... "we are what we are because Mark Shuttleworth says so." Canonical's disloyalty towards its users is likely to engender a reciprocal response.
  12. Yes, yes, yes

    I'm so happy I could just compute. Of course, my joy is predicated on the assumption that 12.04 will prove substantially better than 10.04 at actually running on existing hardware. Since 8.04 there...
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    Treating users like idiots?

    Treating users like idiots is the natural result of treating (self-absorbed) idiots like software designers.
  14. If this goes much further ...

    ... Linus may have to consider using decrements for new versions, instead of increments.
  15. I have seen the future

    While V8 is fast, Chromium crashes with wild abandon on my 32-bit installations of Kubuntu and with annoying frequency on the 64's. Rekonq, which uses WebKit, but a different JS engine I believe, is...
  16. Ah, well ...

    ... nothing has ever put the "dead" in "deadline" quite like software development.
  17. Adobe continues to amaze

    They seem bent on proving that they don't need Apple's help in marginalizing their products.
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    Woo hoo!

    Party like it's 2004 all over again!
  19. Windows? Did you say Windows?

    I don't care how you slice it, updating a system with embedded Linux using Windows is like getting parts for your Lexus at a Yugo dealership.
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