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  1. Faster at doing what?

    I doubt NTFS is faster at everything while providing the same features as EXT4, XFS and Btrfs so bring on the benchmarks and show us!
  2. Replies

    XFS, Multicore usage and Pertinent Benchmarks.

    A few of things.

    XFS is a quite capable, full featured and still competitive filesystem and it would be nice see how it fares in these benchmarks.

    Which benchmark would be the most...
  3. Quit being so pedantic and celebrate the good...

    Quit being so pedantic and celebrate the good news!
  4. Multicore CPU Usage

    I have a hexacore now so I'm interested in a filesystem that makes good use of multiple cores. Would btrfs be much faster with compression enabled if a system had many cores? Could the...
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