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  1. as a 7790/260X/Bonaire owner...

    I'm in a glass case of emotion.

    Lots of low numbers for me.
  2. questions for kaveri testing

    Hi michael - thanks for taking this on.

    I am interested in a kaveri box doing some htpc, some file serving, a fair amount of idling and occasionally playing games. I currently have a 7790. So I...
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    Bonaire problems

    Hi again, following up on my last post. My 7790 with Mesa 10 does not have vdpau active. This is an up to date Saucy system wi.

    I've confirmed that I have all the relevant Oibaf packages up to...
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    7790 difficulties

    Hi all - first, thanks to oibaf for this ppa saucy. This should be very convenient. I am having no success though. I added the repo and used the update program. No complaints from ubuntu during the...
  5. 7790 sea islands

    Hi again -

    Since my last post I wearied of OpenSuse and am back on Ubuntu ( 13.10 ). The Kernel seems to know what Bonaire is all about (UVD enables) but I can't seem to compile Mesa so as to...
  6. I have been trying things on my 7790

    Hi - I have a 7790, and have been trying to get it working well with MythTV, but don't have much success to report. The 7790 is 'Sea Islands' Bonaire, slightly different to the Southern Islands -...
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