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  1. I am not sure on what ground you are standing...

    I am not sure on what ground you are standing when you asked such question.

    Do not force you think in a world that has only two options: everything is not A must be B.

    Azure supports Linux,...
  2. Not FUD but baseless

    I am wondering how you have gained a strong feeling against (old)SUN and a strong good taste for MS, which has impact on your vision in a way you can not realize.
    When we say good ro bad, we usually...
  3. not enough

    What you are talking about is the changed situation or external environment it is in.

    That does not necessarily mean the person or company is changed.

    A weakened tiger is still dangerous or...
  4. So you think what shall be or better to be for MS...

    So you think what shall be or better to be for MS in your eyes, is MS what is now?

    Tell a person or campny by what it does is better than what it says or what you think. The fact is more...
  5. same company

    So nothing has changed.
  6. I speak for myself, but the trend can be manipulated by human

    I have not bought the dominated PC product for more than 10 years for my whole family.

    Does it matter?

    Shall I say I am bad or not buying the dominated product is bad according to Natural...
  7. not the product, but the market

    I searched several pages back, and found this forum swallowed my reply silently.

    So let me put a shorter version here, and also as a reply to Sonadow's "business 101".
    Hope you can see this...
  8. Do what is right, for yourself

    Yes, I agree.

    People shall have the right to use what they like.

    Disliking a company or one product or one way of doing things or one manner to treat people, is NOT a sin.

    Disliking people...
  9. Tell me why you are not still in DOS era

    GOOD to know you know business 101.

    It is not about how to do business, but how to limit overgrowing business to protect the consumers like me to reserve some freedom to choose other products, and...
  10. Sounds like a dream already comes true

    If we can CHOOSE what we prefer from the market, a responsive and smart market, then there will no complain.

    BUT, BUT, BUT, this market is money driven, and goes where can give it most money back...
  11. It does have merit but beyond your little world

    Your world may rain, it does not mean others can not enjoy sunshine.
    Do not think only from you point of view.

    Plus, please do not talk about technology only from the point of view of...
  12. Reminds me of openbsd backdoor

    A kernel developer who can submit kernel fix or module shall be good enough to avoid this pre-school level traps/bombs.

    So the only problem is who he is and for whom he is working? Phoronix has an...
  13. Replies

    pity of a "pure" technician

    ---I still don't see what on earth this has to do with Mono, other than tiresome redirection. "Windows has paid apps, and Microsoft makes .NET, therefore MONO IS TEH DEVILZ!"[/QUOTE]

    Sorry to jump...
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    It is not always that easy to say bye and turn away

    There is one kind of relationship called "binding",
    There is one way of production called "efficiency",
    There is three feeling called "confident", "familiar" and "relaxing".
    There is a situation...
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    you are not in his shoes, and have diff taste

    He was complaining "TYPING" (AKA GUESSING) to get what he wanted in UBUNTU, instead of the traditional way "CLICKING" on the item that displayed on the screen before his eyes.

    Your word "Just like...
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