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  1. need an engineers input!

    my last post may be misleading. I can confirm that a 'passive' lcd screen, that is a screen taken off another computer system I have and simply plugged into the vga port on my Dell D531 laptop,...
  2. partial workaround? D531 laptop ati X1200

    Recent work tracking down why virtual consoles don't work in ubuntu 7.10 on my Dell D531 laptop (CTL-ALT-F1) had me unblacklist some frame buffer stuff (see posting on...
  3. aticonfig core dump: external lcd projector on laptop

    I am trying to get an external lcd projector working on a Dell D531 with ubuntu gutsy (32bit). I noted on several forums to try:

    aticonfig --enable-monitor=lvds,crt

    But I get:
  4. using fglx

    I plead ignorance about the catalyst control center, but will do some web searching to bring myself up to speed. As I want to be able to show ubuntu at its best, with the rotating cube in action, I...
  5. S-Video works

    Updating my own post. At the suggestion of a friend, I tried the S-Video port as a way to connect to the lcd projector. It works just fine.
  6. ubuntu 7.10 Dell latitude D531 lcd projector

    I am running ubuntu Gutsy (7.10) on a Dell Latitude D531 with "an integrated ATI Radeon X1270 graphics processor". I have installed the fglx driver with the restricted drivers management option of...
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