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  1. Support for GLSL IR could benefit other hardware/drivers as well?

    If implemented, the GLSL IR support could be used on other hardware/drivers? Would it bring improvements over current state of affairs?
  2. Martin Grlin's reply is infuriating.

    Sorry, this will be a rant:

    -- Start Rant --

    This whole “but changing resolution breaks our desktop icons” think is ridiculous, this is a bug on the KDE desktop and should be fixed there....
  3. Shouldn't they share more code?

    I know that sometimes the differences in the underlying hardware architecture are so vast that it calls for a different implementation, but anyone else thinks that the graphics driver developers...
  4. It should count AMD + ATI as only one company

    The graph is misleading because it shows ATI as a separate company. The numbers for AMD and ATI should be summed together and that would probably bring it to above Nvidia.

    So, Intel is NOT...
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