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  1. The Geforce 6000 series made a lot of heat on Nouveau in the past

    Nouveau has worked on those cards for years, but gets overloaded really fast if a compositing desktop is used. Compiz/GNOME2 or modern Compiz/Mate will work
    with the 6600LE that I have tested, but...
  2. External players and DRM

    Windows Media Center is a lousy video player. Some time ago I tested both pre and post Prescott Pentium 4's with my videos to see how they would play for users of really old machines. I knew the same...
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    Unfortunately these packags can't replace libav

    Replacing my hand compiled ffmpeg with the Ubuntu version did not work. These packages are designed to install alongside libav, not in place of it. I would have to recompile kdenlive and mlt to use...
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    This is needed because Kdenlive at least does not work right with Libav

    I have had to locally compile ffmpeg and handload the resulting binaries into debian packages since early summer, as current versions of Kdenlive do not get along with Libav when using AVCHD video...
  5. Flicker need not use a whole "frame" of one's vision to be noticed

    A bright or dim flicker is going to be very prominant, I suspect the eye stores that sort of thing long enough to register next time the brain processes a signal from that rod or cone in the retina....
  6. 60HZ good enough for me, new monitor NOT worth paying for

    I'm perfectly happy with the monitor I have and have never noticed an issue from it. No way in hell I would pay for another one, especially not being employed. With my video camera shooting at 30fps...
  7. What is your card, and what do you consider a "decent framerate" on the desktop?

    That's over double the load of a normal 1080p/60HZ monitor like mine. Why does a desktop need to render at 155Hz anyway? No video has a
    framerate that fast, because the human eye is not that fast....
  8. Reasl world case: All of the Big Three now fast enough for desktop with FOSS drivers

    One takeaway from this is that you can now run current distros on any desktop machine with Intel, Nvidia, or AMD graphics built in the past half-decade and not have graphics issues hobbling the DE or...
  9. If antigay bigots don't like systemd

    If antigay bigots hate systemd, that is a reason TO use Systemd in my judgement, and also confirms my judgement that systemd's devs are being bullied. Look at the damage this bullying has done to...
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    Deleting all cookies and blocking 3ed party seems to stop its return

    Apparently this is a hardcoded cookie that cannot be separately deleted, but deleting ALL cookies removes it and at least if 3ed party cookies are disabled it does not return. I just tested this with...
  11. This card could possibly used as a remote video render farm.

    OK, someone said each core is similar to an original Pentium boosted to about 1.1 GHZ and with the ability to run 4 threads added to it, with 57 of these procs. The board has its own IP address, can...
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    If you get Google cookies by default, you need to disable some browser service

    I've never seen this in my life, even on live disks but no live disk image I have has anything newer than last Spring. My main OS is very heavily secured against any unintended connections, however....
  13. Users can also reject video from sites that try to tie playback to ad views

    Normally I simply ignore that kind of website and all their videos. If they go so far as to obfuscate code, at that point I consider the website untrusted and definately won't let them run JS on my...
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    Partially downloaded web videos are playable

    Not exactly: if bandwidth is the issue open the file in mplayer/mpv/whatever as soon as it appears and see what you are getting. Most "web-optimized" video has the headers in front so partial files...
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    I have never seen these tiles, but also do not run a default browser install

    I thought Mozilla cancelled the "sponsored tiles," that was when I unpinned from what I think was version 24. I have never seen them, but my browsers always open to an empty history and disabled...
  16. Much of that an maintainers will only deal with source

    A project maintainer could deal with this by providing only source, supporting only systemd, and simply advising anyone building debian packages to mark them in DEBIAN/control as depending on...
  17. Lots of people prefer a browser that does NOT support overlay ads in videos

    For some of us, not all websites even need to work, just the ones we actually use routinely. I understand no OS can operate on this basis except something like Trisquel, but for users the ability to...
  18. I've had working cryptsetup/systemd integration via custom software since May

    I use a custom script to unlock multiple disks from one passphrase held in RAM, then cleared. In May I rewrote it to work with systemd in Dracut, if the old initramfs-tools system is used, the...
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    We need open source for car engine computers

    The computers that actually RUN cars are closed binary systems. Originally that was to discourage "tampering" for emissions control reasons, but now it is a concerted attempt to force car owners to...
  20. If Firefox dumps Flash all the way, Youtube will probably have to follow suit

    I suspect that a true EOL on Flash that makes Firefox unable to use Flash without hacks will force all websites that don't want to dump users who won't switch browsers to also dump flash. Even though...
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