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  1. Looking at the results, it seems that EXT4 in...

    Looking at the results, it seems that EXT4 in RAID 5/6 is better for development use, while native BTRFS in RAID 5/6 seems better for serial work like video editing etc.
    I do both, so I am still...
  2. lazy

    I guess that major distro's use it because they are getting lazy. Not maintaining init scripts for every different distro.
    Yes, I agree that systemd not following linux ground rules and thus being...
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    Keep changing....

    I recently moved away from Cinelerra-CV because it seems dead too. I started using KDENLIVE some months ago and am very pleased by it. It reminds me of Adobe or the video editor of MainConcepts under...
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    NVIDIA hurting own Linux market?

    In my view, yes they do. However, I expect that they could not care less because they still have the MSW world to serve.
    That they lose orders of the mentioned magnitude is one thing - they...
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