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    retail prices will be different

    This is just like CPU prices, when they're announced they're different and usually much higher than what you can find when the product reached the retail channels so I wouldn't worry that much about...
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    switched to Chromium

    I'm mostly using Chromium these days in Linux. I'm not such a big fan but Firefox doesn't have native integration with KDE file dialogues and no one at Mozilla seems to really care. Besides this I...
  3. one question though

    I keep bumping into things requiring 32bit libs on x64, propriteary things like Skype and such. I don't want any 32bit libs, does x32 mean I'll need some special libs too or can it use the 64bit libs...
  4. sure, we really needed another programming language

    It seems these days everyone seems somehow obligated to come up with their own programming language. I must admit that I didn't like Objective-C syntax so maybe this one will be better.
    Apple would...
  5. pretty sure this will be RE

    I wouldn't worry much about this. Anything that reaches a PC, even in a binary form is bound be RE given some time and people who want to do it. If it bothers me enough I might even do this myself :)
  6. indeed

    There are actually some nice fanless mini PCs based on Intel Celeron C1037U or even Bay Trail I think for around $200-$250 on aliexpress. This is a dev board so I suppose we shouldn't really compare...
  7. nooo, not a small fan

    I just hate these small fans, they get damaged easily and make a lot of noise then. I remember having a wonderful Abit NF7 board that had one of these. It was impossible to find a replacement for...
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    Indeed, it's what Canonical did with Wayland too,...

    Indeed, it's what Canonical did with Wayland too, they waited until everyone went along with it and then ... adopt... went ahead and insisted that Mir is better. So don't hold your breath.
    I'm sure...
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    poor Ubuntu
  10. I'm a distro developer too

    When it was only Debian devs I could certainly understand that ( Steam is based on Debian ) but not I'm not sure what the criteria is. I'm a developer for a small distro called Frugalware ( check it...
  11. +1 to that. It's not like an A9@1 GHz is latest...

    +1 to that. It's not like an A9@1 GHz is latest ARM can compete with.
    And yes, Baytrail will kick the crap out of an A15 but you have to remember that current Baytrail chips are in a totally...
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    didn't even hear of ART

    Thanks, I didn't even know that there was such a thing aiming to replace Dalvik. But what do you mean by FreeART ?
  13. oh come on ...

    Would you people please stop complaining about DRM and so on ... Valve is actually bringing gaming to Linux, which suffered from serious problems in this regard for a long long time. You can already...
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    small donation

    Well I made a small donation using Paypal even though I'm not an OpenBSD user. I did install it once just for the heck of it and when I couldn't even get LibreOffice I gave up on it. Still even...
  15. Nothing will replace C for the Linux kernel....

    Nothing will replace C for the Linux kernel. There's no reason to replace it, there's too much code in C already and there's just nothing out there that performs as well as C, not even C++.
    Go is...
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    One more thing, RH proved it can survive even...

    One more thing, RH proved it can survive even with the 100% free CentOS, can Parted Magic do the same. If I am determined enough and make a CentOS style rebuild of the packages and the call it Parted...
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    I did pay for the original ISO as I said, I even...

    I did pay for the original ISO as I said, I even have the paypal to prove it. The problem is you can't really compare this to RHEL which is massive but you're right in that I can go ahead and do some...
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    first distro I get from piratebay :)

    Well I never thought I'd see this day here but I did actually get Parted Magic from piratebay. I don't even feel I did anything wrong as I did pay for the distro initially, $5 is OK. Then I lost the...
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    code please

    I just want the open source code to it so we can start the porting :D
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    happy to not care

    I just couldn't care less. It's their own business what they want to have in Ubuntu but I for one am happy with systemd in my distribution ( Frugalware ). I tried Kubuntu with upstrart but it seemed...
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