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  1. Actually, the nvptx offloading infracture has...

    Actually, the nvptx offloading infracture has been committed too, it is just missing a few small patches to work properly. Those will be hopefully resolved during stage4.
  2. Can't reproduce

    Strange, can't reproduce anything close to that with the LU numbers, admittedly on i7-2600, but that is for -O3 -march=native pretty much the same thing, AVX but not AVX2 support.
    gcc 4.9 20131230...
  3. See

    See for the current state. There is progress being done about the C++0x memory model and also e.g. user defined literals.
  4. Replies

    Compiler flags matter

    I'd like to note that the Phoronix habit of using some compiler flags, without caring much which flags, can be seen e.g. on the PovRay numbers.
    povray-3.6.1, being a 2004ish package, has this jam in...
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