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  1. d3d9: gallium-nine still alive! Need your help.

    Keeping alive Gallium Nine and wine patches for it. If someone want help, I could be really happy.

    All, even small or trivial patches fixing some issue or improving situation are welcome. For...
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    Gallium nine still ALIVE!

    I wrote small article about it, it work with mesa 10.0 and lastest wine. DEVELOPERS NEEDED :) So, if you want help with some small patch, some improvment, fix, everything is welcomed! :)

    I'll try...
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    D3D9 mesa + wine

    I working on porting D3D9 state tracker to Mesa 10.0. Then I'll proviede some patchset for mesa, wine and create Gentoo ebuilds. Anyway, it need some developer, because without it'll be unusable soon.
  4. regression?

    Can be used PTS to track commit causing this? As user of r300g, I'm interested in this.
  5. AMD 6550D dual-monitor - endless gpu restarting


    does anybody have any idea what could I do to prevent kernel reboot gpu endlessly when is DVI and VGA connected at boot time? For now I disconnecting monitor, but it's little bit annoying...
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