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  1. So irrational that it sounds as he was paid to...

    So irrational that it sounds as he was paid to write this.;)
  2. A hard drive for a tablet???

    Yeah, and forget about the problems with movement and vibrations in hard drives.
  3. Niiice!

    Who doesn't want to perform well on that bench ;)
  4. Not so much time

    I'm using Iceweasel, Chrome with flash to browse sites like facebook, gmail or anyone heavy in javascript. But some days I browse the web using Midori with Netscape plugins deactivated (allways...
  5. How?

    Could you please give us a hint on how to do it or a link where it is explained? I'm right now trying xfce and lxde, but while I think they're not bad, they doesn't convince me.
  6. I completely agree too!

    Instead of insult we should be grateful that somebody is making games for our favorite platform and that is taking it as first class citizen. They took the job to program no less than a complete...
  7. It's the first game from this publisher so...

    Well, I guess that being the first title by this vendor is not helping that much. The engine looks awesome, but I think they will need more than just one title to make some profit. I don't have the...
  8. Why stopping this to happen???

    I think that this guy should start with the project despite what some "Big Bosses" say. It whould be nice to have glide implemented natively, and in turn, dll wrappers for wine in order to not lose...
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