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  1. Removing ugly black borders in Nikki and the Robots

    The current solution against the ugly black blocky backgrounds in Nikki and the Robots is the following:
    Install Qt 4.8
    Delete following included files:
  2. Black instead of transparent in nikki (qt 4.7.4 + xf86-video-ati-git 20111215)

    Hi, I'm on an arch linux 64bit system and running the game Nikki and the Robots (uses qt 4.7.4 for drawing) looks like this:

    The black boxes around the letters are...
  3. No HDMI sound on ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series


    I'm on Arch Linux 64bit and use the open source radeon driver.

    Unfortunately I switched to the latest kernel *and* from proprietary catalyst driver to open source radeon driver, so I...
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